Requests For Post-Life Surgery On The Rise

Advanced Funeral RequestsCosmetic Surgery has boomed in recent years, raising the bar for our own appearances throughout life. And, more recently our death, with an upturn in requests for procedures ready for that final big occasion- their funeral.

Mark Duffey, president and CEO of Everest Funeral, a national funeral planning and concierge service says “People used to say, just throw me in a pine box and bury me in the back yard, but that’s all changing. Now people want to be remembered. A funeral is their last major event and they want to look good for it. I’ve even had people say, ‘I want you to get rid of my wrinkles and make me look younger’.”

Although a little magic has always been performed by Body Embalmers and Morticians to recapture the lifelike appearance of the deceased, more advanced arrangement requests have increased in order for final touches to be added prior to passing.

Some Funeral Directors and Funeral Celebrants in the UK and US have reported having such requests made, although they say with tongue in cheek, but it is evident that people are thinking more and more about the way they will look after they have passed away.

Restorative Art, which is the craft of Body Embalmers and Morticians, can involve a range of procedures already from smoothing out wrinkles to nose shape correction in those who have suffered trauma and even recreating the individual style of the deceased by way of make-up, hair and nails. To some, they are already the Plastic Surgeon’s of the dead.

Childrens Plastic Surgery App Taken Down

Childrens Plastic Surgery App Taken Down

Google and Apple have both removed Plastic Surgery for Barbie from their app stores.

The game which is free, was labelled as “suitable for children aged nine and over”, involved making incisions with a scalpel and performing liposuction on an overweight female patient in which the description on Google App described in the game as “ugly”.

The female patient then appears thinner after undergoing the procedures, and users can compare before an after pictures.

Plastic Surgery for Barbara's face being operated onPlastic Surgery for Barbara is still available to download on the App Store

Although Apple has removed Plastic Surgery for Barbie, a game called Plastic Surgery for Barbara is still available on the App Store, which bears almost identical graphics and concept, though is labelled as “suitable for children aged 12 and above”.

In a statement, former British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (Baaps) president Nigel Mercer described the Plastic Surgery for Barbie app as “sexist and disturbing”.

He said: “This app blatantly and shamelessly uses child-friendly brand names [such as Barbie] to target young, vulnerable children and exposes them to sexist and disturbing rhetoric as the ‘game’ critiques the body of a cartoon character who does not conform to an unrealistic beauty standard.

Is Bridalplasty Still Booming?

Is Plastic Surgery Now On The Wedding Budget?

Bridesl Wedding Day

It only seems like two minutes ago we turned on our TV to see the new controversial Reality Show, Bridalplasty, offering Brides-to-be the chance to compete for not only their dream Manchester wedding and to look fantastic in their wedding photography, but also a Plastic Surgery makeover.

In fact, it was nearly three years ago thousands upon thousands of us tuned in to see Allyson Donovan go on to triumph, but was this show just the tip of the ice-berg, merely highlighting a deeper rooted desire for brides to go under the knife before taking to the aisle?

The Guardian recently reported a story suggesting this could be the case when they published an article about a UK woman who sold her £80,000 semi-detached house following her engagement in order to pay for £1000’s worth of cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures, including a tummy tuck (Abdominoplasty), Breast Enlargement (Augmentation) and a Gastric Band.

Final Vote Bridalplasty Video – Cinematic Wedding Films Manchester

So, is this now just an added cost and burden in the run up to a brides wedding day, or is it simply that we are now living in a world of convenience aligned with fast moving medical procedures?

We will leave that up to you to decide.

Grab yourself a gourmet coffee and read online some more about Weddings in this follow up article by a Wedding Planner in Manchester.


What do Plastic Surgeons Do?

What Is A Day In The Life Of A Plastic Surgeon Like?

Plastic Surgeon In WorkA Plastic Surgeon specialises across a wide field of reconstructive and reparative surgery, usually with a particular interest in a sub-speciality.

Sub-specialties can be divided further, as below;

Congenital: Cranio-facial defects; Cleft lip and palate and other facial deformities; congenital skin conditions; hypospadias and other genito-urinary anomalies.

Hand surgery: Treatment of degenerative hand disease; treatment of congenital hand abnormalities; primary and secondary repair of injuries to the hand and upper limb.

Neoplasms: Malignant tumours of skin; head and neck cancer; breast reconstruction following cancer treatments; benign skin lesions; reconstruction after other cancer treatment.

Trauma: Facial trauma; burn injury or injuries; lower limb trauma.

Other conditions requiring surgery: Reconstruction of large defects;  venous and other leg ulcers.; pressure sores and other chronic wounds.

Aesthetic surgery: Within some regional guidelines,  particular and specific major aspects of disfigurement will be treated when these cause psychological  or physical problems.

Collaborative surgery: Plastic surgeons will often work with other medical and surgical specialists including oncologists, dermatologists, rheumatologists as well as other medical disciplines.

A Day In The Life As A Plastic Surgeon-Video

Information sourced from NHS Website.